You are months away from the perfect vacation abroad that also counts for credit toward your perfectly-planned degree. All of your friends, family, and classmates are thrilled and, of course, they are expecting you to update them every step of the way! Congratulations, you have successfully earned the right to journal! Now you have one important decision: How do you want to record your thoughts? Why should you keep a journal?

Here are 5 tips to aid you on your journey.

  1. Be yourself!
    • Start by perfecting your daily routine of journaling. Find the perfect time to journal! It may be in the morning before breakfast, at night before you sleep, while you wait for you lunch or even during your public transit. Don’t think you’ll have enough time to journal in the midst of preparing to travel? Check out this link to discover how easy it is to devote time to journalling.

  2. Perfect Timing.
    • For the first 7 days of journaling, add your thoughts, worries, and desires for your trip! This can be in any form you like. You can try traditional writing, drawing/sketching, reviews on travel sites for your desired location, or anything you want. Ask yourself: What do I really want to accomplish by journalling abroad. Are you on a journey to unlock your passion? Are you hoping to share your story to your family, friends, and maybe even your children someday?

  3. Begin journaling at least 7 days prior to your departure.
    • Leather bound journals last longer than boring paper journals. Try to find one that expresses your personality! I always try find a cute journal with a nice quote that describes what I expect on the journey. Always journal with an ink pen or some other permanent writing utensil.

  4. Browse for the perfect journal.
    • It’s your journal! Don’t use fancy jargon or elaborate writing if you don’t use it in your everyday speech. Your journal should be a transparent representation of your thoughts and ideas. However, this does not mean you are allowed skim on the details of your experience! Include vivid details about everything -the weather, sunsets, your meals, the fancy cappuccino,  or even the guy serving the fancy cappuccino! Remember to add a catchy title for each day and ALWAYS date your journal entries. Once again, journal in ink! Don’t worry about your mistakes! It’s all a part of the journalling experience. The rules of grammar don’t apply to your journal.

  5. Create a minimum page requirement.
    • I know, I know! This sounds like journalling for academic reasons but it is definitely worth it! Setting a goal or minimum to your journal entries ensure that you are actually journaling your thoughts and not merely focusing on the most important or thrilling thing you experienced. Establishing this goal also forces you to analyze your actions! When you look back on your entries a year or so later, it should represent your growth process! If you ever run into writers block, draw something that represents how you feel! If you can’t. Don’t worry. Stick figures describe my feelings perfectly. Also, don’t be afraid to get artsy! Stain your pages with your favorite beverage! That’s always fun!  

Check out these links for beginner tips on journaling! Make memories and keep them forever!

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